OOSH Groups

Unlock the fun these school holidays

With a vibrant history spanning more than 150 years, this former maximum security prison is open for you to explore. Offering a range of activities tailored to children's entertainment and learning, the following activities are available for private group bookings. All activities are suitable for ages 5-12 and a minimum number of 20 participants apply.

Paint Your Place

This activity includes a guided mini tour of the site followed by a fun activity where the children get to be creative and paint their interpretations of the ‘place’ many prisoners called home.

Please note that paint is used in this activity

Detainee Drill

This activity includes a tour of the site where children can check out the prison cells, before having some fun learning and performing he exercise routine undertaken by prisoners at the turn of the century.

Discover Your Inner Prisoner

Prisoner descriptions have been and still are an important way to identify prisoner in Gaol. As part of this activity, children take part in a guided mini tour of the site before pairing up to create their own prisoner description.

150 Years Under Lock and Key

Unlock the history concealed within the towering sandstone walls, from stories of criminals and crime to discipline and hardship.


Explore the site and see the places the escaped took place as you hear about what motivated prisoners to escape. Learn about the way some prisoners stopped at nothing to achieve their freedom.

Beanbag Cinema

Available on request, the Beanbag Cinema provides groups with an opportunity to watch a movie in the Auditorium, just like the prisoners used to. Please contact Gaol staff to identify the movies available during the requested period.